December 6, 2022

Difference between a Chat API and a Chat SDK

Sophie O.

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Difference between a Chat API and a Chat SDK

APIs and SDKs are crucial tools every software developer will encounter. API stands for Application Programming Interface, a set of instructions and protocols that are used by programmers to enable communication between different platforms, while SDK stands for Software Development Kit, a set of software-building tools and libraries that are used to develop applications for a specific platform.

Chat API and SDK; What Is The Difference?

It is common for Chat APIs and SDKs to be confusing in the functions they each perform, and this is due to the fact that they are intertwined and sort of work collectively. Let's simply use the chatbot as an example; Chat APIs are used for building chatbots that are able to communicate with a user and provide them with information. Chat SDKs on the other hand are used for integrating a chatbot directly into an existing system. Most chat SDKs come with some example chatbot templates that allow developers to create bots without necessarily coding anything themselves. These are like the templates you will find in Microsoft Word enabling you to write a document without any formatting skills or knowledge. In a nutshell, Chat SDKs are fully managed on the backend to help people who are interested in developing chatbots or in-app chat in their product or services but have little to no skill in coding or perhaps have the need to launch fast.

All Chat SDK rely on a Chat API but to further differentiate them, let’s assume you want to make pancakes for breakfast. SDK is like a pre-made pancake mix, where all the ingredients and measurements have been included to help you save time and also make things easy for those who can’t make pancakes, which is exactly what a Chat SDK does.

An API on the other hand is like a step-by-step recipe if you do not want the “pre-made pancake mix”. As stated earlier, an API is a set of instructions, protocols, or building blocks used by programmers.

Chat APIs and SDKs are quite different from each other, but work together to build a standard in-app chat, which is an excellent way for businesses to improve customer engagement and to offer content to users from a platform. It is a way for businesses to create customized chat experiences with their consumers.

In a nutshell, Chat API and SDK makes it possible for developers to create a solid user experience as messages are routed between their backend systems and the in-app messaging application. If you’re ready to integrate a pre-built Chat API and SDK into your product, Robin has a robust developer ecosystem designed to help developers and enterprises manage the complexities of building in-app chats.