December 6, 2022

What is App Retention Rate?


What is App Retention Rate

What is App Retention Rate?

Product A and Product B are quite similar, let’s understand them to be direct competitors in this article. Right! However, product A tends to have its loyal and new customers come back shopping for more than they shopped the last time.Their existing customers also try out new products released and come back for even more whilst referring to their friends. Product B on the other hand loses its existing customers and manages to get a grip of its new customers. As a matter of fact, new customers do not shop as they should, nor do they come back.

That's what retention does to your business. It hooks them in! Just like Product A did.

Many product and service based businesses are engrossed with getting sold out, traffic to their websites and more users, ignoring the fact that retaining its user is as important as what their focus is.

In the quest of increasing the retention rate of your app, you may need to go ahead to review your users journey and make sure that you create a pleasing experience when they are using your product.


Retention rate of your app is very important and it is a key pointer to how well your business is doing which in turn brings about but not limited to these:

  1. Better monetization

Your users can trust, engage and identify with your app because of the features, the design or the way it addresses them or makes them feel which in turn propels them spend longer time in your app/website which in turn makes them perform more activities that bring about better conversion which is being exchanged for value such as money.

  1. Foresight for your business

When your app retention rate is building up or increasing, it gives your business a sense of vision that you can easily break down to long and short term goals.

  1. Better services

A good app retention rate makes you offer better services to your user because you are in the know of user behaviour, pain points and understand how to provide solutions.



Having established that retention rates give you a firm idea of user journey on your app, allows you to check and compare recent user activity and long-term development, let’s discuss how you can actually increase retention rate.

  1. Use emotions to keep your users glued to your app.

You’ve probably heard the saying “people buy into emotions” yeah, that holds true, especially if the emotion you're selling is beneficial. For example, you could create ebooks that speak to the needs of your users and for free to download. You have solved their problem regarding a thing and they would be able to trust you enough to try your product because of a solution. With Robin, you can share ebooks with your users or customers.

Another way you can buy users over and keep them is great customer service that attends to the needs of your users in real time and not with robotic or systemic responses. Robin allows you to have conversations with clients in real time, see when they are online, and offer solutions to their needs or inquiries.

  1. Pay attention to your user journey.

A valuable app is one that understands its user and the actions that users take on the app. Hence, at every step, it is essential that value is being given to your user based on their interactions with your app.

You can possibly ask for feedback at a juncture or use push notifications to inform them about the offers that are currently available, company information or any other vital information that your user may need to know, that way, they feel included as though they are important and would pledge loyalty to your business and possibly tell their friends about your business. Robin in app chat is built to help you collect feedback from your client, helps you to use the push notification feature that helps you increase user retention rate on your app.

  1. A good user interface is also a determinant for great customer experience.

While some people buy into all of the above mentioned, others buy into the look and feel of your app. Robin is 100% customizable to suit your business needs and help you increase the retention rate of your customers.

Integrating Robin in-app chat can help you increase mobile app engagement rate and retain your users thereby helping you build a user base with its ectatic features like reactions, chat moderation, file exchange etc.