December 6, 2022

In-app messaging solution: the customer service management strategy to look out for

Sophie O.

In-app messaging SDK for customer service

In-app messaging solution: the customer service management strategy to look out for

Do you know that your brand will not survive the market without established customer service management? Customer service is inescapable. It is the basis of the very foundation required to maintain or improve the level of any enterprise.

The truth is, with every old and new business constantly seeking new innovative ways to maintain customer relations and drive sales, the ability to connect to your users becomes difficult daily. Staying ahead of the curve without a defined customer service management (CSM) initiative is becoming more back-breaking for organizations due to rapidly shifting consumer expectations.

How can this be fixed? There is a new wave of customer service management; in-app messaging solution is changing the face of businesses, increasing customer loyalty, and driving sales.

Hold on… what is customer service management (CSM) and why does it matter to businesses?

Customer service management refers to how a business manages its client service department, creating consistently excellent service experiences that increase customer loyalty. It covers everything, from customer care representatives, to streamlining the support system, to gauging customer satisfaction. CSM is important to businesses as it determines whether or not a client or customer will return.

Every customer wants to do business with a company they can interact with and that can offer dependable, instructive solutions quickly through convenient channels. All these can easily be achieved through in-app messaging solutions. Since modern CSM requires delivering individualized, real-time support to customers when needed, in-app messaging is perfect!

Connecting with customers via your web app, website or mobile application in real-time is great. However, building your own in-app chat from scratch can be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and expensive too. Robin’s Chat APIs and SDKs provide businesses and developers the in-app support needed to push customer experience in a matter of minutes.

The Chat APIs and SDKs are compatible with the modern technologies of today and packed with all the latest features. All you have to do is integrate Robin into your platform, start connecting with your customers and let them connect with you as well through real-time chat and chatbots. The need to offer personalized customer interaction and improve your customers' experiences to match your brand is not overlooked as Robin is fully customizable and highly secure.